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July 18 2015

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Excellent customer service in a Farmers Market

The time is right for farmers markets. They're appearing all around the country. They can range from a genuine farmers market with farm fresh produce locally grown and sold from the farmer to more of an arts and crafts show. When shopping in a farmers market the customer has to be cautious with anyone selling fruit or vegetables that aren't locally grown or are away from season. It really is becoming common practice for a few marketers to buy the same produce which can be found at the grocery and sell it inside the farmers market venue. - farmers markets Sacramento

Here are some recommendations on excellent customer service in a farmers market.

o Fresh local fruit and veggies, no commercially grown produce.

o Good prices, the purchase price should be much like the food store. You may find that in a few areas the farmers market is a bit higher but this may be worthwhile when the produce is local and fresh.

o Search for moist fresh looking produce. When the corn was picked yesterday it's going to begin to dry in the bottom. Look for signs the vegetables and fruits happen to be harvested during the last day. Do not be afraid to question if the produce was picked. If it is the farmer you are speaking with they may be likely to take pride in their selection.

o Avoid produce which has been dumped on a table. The display should claim that someone required time to look after the produce and be sure that no bruising has occurred.

o Try to find clearly marked prices. If it is difficult to get out home much that apple is basically that you could be working with lesser quality produce.

o Avoid farmers markets who have a lot of crafts. Pest sign the area isn't located in agricultural as well as the farmers market might have mostly commercially produced fruit and veggies. - farmers markets Sacramento

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